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How do you get the best out of the escort services? What are the dos and don’ts to consider while hiring an escort? How do you become an escort’s favorite client? If you are traveling to big urban towns such as Birmingham, you many need escort services during your stay. There are a few tips one needs to know about hiring escorts and how they avail their services.

Finding an escort

There are agencies that specialize in escort services such as Eve London escorts. The agencies screen their escorts, and not everyone is allowed. The companies will offer clients a good experience. However, the agencies charge varying prices and have different policies. Before choosing an agency, conduct a thorough background research. Read the reviews and ask questions when you contact them. Most of their websites have standardized information.

Meet up with the agency officials; they may help you as you make the booking. Let them know what they can do to make your booking more pleasurable. For instance, what fetishes do you have and how you would like your escort to dress. If you find a good agent, stick with them.

Alternatively, you may decide to for an independent escort. Vet the independent escort thoroughly before hiring them. The independent escort works independently but may be receiving all her booking via an agency.

Meeting with escort

While meeting the escort, the client should do the following:

1. Ensure your escort is above the legal age. In most cases, you will have sex with the escort; therefore, ensure you are not on the wrong side of the law. In most of the states, the legal age is 18 years.

2. Introduce yourself in a polite manner, be it on the phone or email. Give your physical description, age, name, and any other details to the escort. Always remember you are dealing with a stranger who appreciates knowing you before the meet-up.

3. Understand the policies and guidelines regarding the meeting. For instance, some escorts will accept cash payment only and other “rules” the escort may have. Respect any restrictions she may have.

4. Maintain discretion while dealing with the escorts. You will find out most of them use coded language. Do not call her anywhere where her identity may be disclosed. Places like hotel lobbies are not the best place to make such calls or meet-ups. Most escorts want you to behave like old friends who are reuniting after long periods.

5. Treat her respectfully. Pay her dues and do not forget to tip her. Maintain cleanliness of the highest order. If you can, bring some wine or a gift.…